Final Macon Action Plan Announced!

Thank you, thank you to everyone who read the Draft Macon Action Plan! We appreciate all of the positive feedback, as well as your thoughtful comments and suggestions for strengthening our plan. We are happy to announce that the roadmap for the future of Macon’s Urban Core has been edited to reflect the last round of community input, and MAP is now complete! Next up? Implementation… ready, set, ACTION!

Download the Executive Summary, the final version of the Macon Action Plan, or browse MAP online. If you would like more details and data, Appendix 1 includes an atlas of analysis maps and a record of MAP's public outreach, and Appendix 2 includes supporting documents from the consultant team.

MAP was made possible with generous funding from The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and The Peyton Anderson Foundation.

Reporting back from the MAP Party

Thank you for joining us! More than 200 people attended the MAP Party on Friday, March 6th at the Cox Capitol Theatre. Guests listened to a presentation about MAP's vision for the Urban Core and the action strategies proposed to make that vision become reality. If you missed the party, please browse through the presentation here, and send us your comments via this survey on the action strategies.

Everyone who attended had the opportunity to weigh in on their priorities for implementation. For the next month, Macon Action Plan representatives will be attending community meetings and events throughout the Urban Core, bringing the presentation to you and your neighborhood or organization, and inviting your feedback. Before we finalize the plan, MAP wants to hear from you! To get on MAP's calendar, email us at

Macon's urban core is changing in exciting ways. New lofts are attracting more Downtown residents. New retail and restaurants are repopulating storefronts, generating foot traffic and making Downtown buzz with activity. Streetscape improvements now underway on Cherry and 2nd Streets will make the urban core more walkable and beautiful, a perfect backdrop for new placemaking initiatives that will celebrate and build community within the urban core's unique public realm.

Amidst this positive change and momentum, the Macon-Bibb County Urban Development Authority [UDA], the City of Macon, and their partners are undertaking a comprehensive planning process to envision the future for Downtown and intown neighborhoods and guide change moving forward.

The Macon Action Plan [MAP] invites all members of the public to help shape this plan for Macon's urban core. The plan's success depends first on your input and ideas, and ultimately upon a committed group of local stakeholders dedicated to making the Macon Action Plan our reality. Please get involved and stay involved!

Residents! There is still time to take the survey

about Macon's urban core! Tell us your valuable experiences about your home, shopping, getting around, and more.

MAP in the News

Macon residents give input on downtown’s future development

The Things on the Ground: A Cherry Street Stroll

Have you seen the new green spaces on Cherry Street?

Reporting back from the Open House

Were you one of the hundreds of people who attended Round 1 of the Macon Action Plan Open House, completed a survey, or shared your idea for the future of our city? If so, THANK YOU, for making your voice heard. Are you curious to see what Macon had to say? Flip through this summary of the input collected to date!

Our work on the Macon Action Plan isn't done yet! Now is the time for the planning team to compile everyone's ideas and input, translate our words into a collective vision for Macon’s urban core, and develop a series of strategies to make vision become reality. We’ll be back to share the vision and strategies in 2015, so please stay tuned and stay involved.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays from MAP!

Big thanks to Macon’s Big Hair Productions for capturing opening night of the MAP Open House on film and creating this highlight video! Thanks also to all who stopped by to help shape the future of the heart of Macon!

Haven’t been to the Open House yet? It’s not too late. Open Thursdays from 12-2pm at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame through November 20th.

Want the idea bubble at your next event?

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Macon's Urban Core Today

The Macon Action Plan [MAP] is in its first phase. The planning team is busy learning about Macon’s urban core, both past and present. They are talking to stakeholders and taking notes, conducting research and making maps.

A comprehensive analysis of economic development, housing, transportation and parking, land use, open space, infrastructure, and other topics is necessary to identify the key issues and opportunities facing Macon’s Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. A thorough understanding of these topics and issues will include careful examination of how they affect all of us: residents, business and property owners, employees, leaders, advocates, students, and visitors of Macon.

Why are we working on a plan for Macon's "Urban Core"?

The "Urban Core" refers to Downtown Macon and nearby neighborhoods. The urban core is where the City was first established, and it remains a center of employment, entertainment, and institutions, as well as home to a collection of historic and diverse neighborhoods and communities. The urban core is the heart of Macon.

The second phase of the planning process will look forward, considering what the next decade and beyond can and should bring for Macon’s urban core. MAP will unite neighbors and stakeholders under a cohesive vision, create a roadmap for future redevelopment in Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods, and showcase our city as a prime opportunity for reinvestment. MAP will create strategies to realize the full potential of the heart of Macon by maximizing private investment, sustaining the historic mix of land uses, and connecting people with each other in a beautiful place to live, work, and play. YOU are a critical part of establishing a shared vision and roadmap for the future of Macon’s urban core. Learn about ways to participate here.

A is for Action

The A in MAP is for Action, now. There’s no need to wait until the plan is complete. Indeed, positive change is afoot in Macon’s urban core, and it’s that change that the Macon Action Plan builds upon. Current efforts by Macon-Bibb County elected officials and agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses, institutions, and individual community members, alike, are already turning inspiration into reality, implementing ideas from previous planning efforts and introducing new ideas that the community stands behind.

As we work together on the Macon Action Plan [MAP], we’ll keep you updated on improvements taking place and ask for your feedback, so check back often, and tell us what you think!
Macon Action Plan at work already!

Check out the recent tree well plantings on Cherry Street.

Get Involved

View the Open House presentation

What's your experience of Macon's urban core?

How would you like Downtown and nearby neighborhoods to change or stay the same? What are your ideas, big and small? We want to know. It is time to share your thoughts and show the heart of your City some love!

Launch Map

Why? Public input from you and your neighbors, family, and friends will form the cornerstone of the Macon Action Plan [MAP] and our collective vision for the future and roadmap to guide change in the urban core. Your creativity and participation in this forward-thinking planning process will elevate awareness and excitement about Macon and help create the best outcome for the plan. Macon needs progressive action and a progressive vision driven by those most familiar with the issues and opportunities faced by the urban core. Your local expertise is essential for proactive thinking about how best to capitalize on the local culture and assets, promote the local economy, and accommodate new investment.

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